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3 Martial Arts Promotional Products That Actually Work!

Posted: April 30th, 2014

A major part of building up your Martial Arts school into a thriving business is investing in great promotional products. Having a handful of solid promotional products in your arsenal is key to implanting an effective marketing campaign. But the sheer number of promotional products you can choose from can be overwhelming. You obviously can’t select them all (unless your school is doing really well). And nearly everyone you talk to will give you different advice on which are the best.

Here at, we know exactly what we are talking about when it comes to marketing that is specifically tailored to Martial Arts schools and dojos. We were the first company to ever specialize in creating marketing materials solely for Martial Arts schools. And while other businesses have popped up that do the same thing, there can only be one original. There can only be one Printing Dojo.

And with that, here are three promotional products that will actually work for your Martial Arts school. Each product has been tried and tested over the years and can be easily found and customized on our website.

Direct Mailers

It is hard to argue about the effectiveness of direct mailers. Simply put, they have been shown time and time again to be one of the absolute best ways to advertise any business. Better yet, not only do they spread the word about your business – they actually cause customers to act. And that translates into increased revenue for you. Including direct mail as part of your marketing campaign is so successful because it actually gets your Martial Arts school’s name in front of potential students. When a student checks their mailbox, they will see your school’s name right in front of their eyes. When you include an offer of great value (say a limited time discount at your school), you further encourage them to act.

The easiest way to find a direct mailer for your Martial Arts school is to head on over to In addition to making the process easier (The Printing Dojo can actually design, print, and mail your mailer – all you have to do is give your approval of the design work), we also produce the highest-quality mailers around.

We’ve been in this business for a long time and we know what it takes to create an eye-catching direct mailer that will get your Martial Arts school the attention it deserves.

Flyers and Brochures

Another Martial Arts promotional tool that actually works are flyers and brochures. Although they are slightly different from each other, they are similar enough that we decided to include them as a single product.

Brochures and flyers are a great marketing tool because they build brand awareness. Unlike direct mail, they do not go directly to an individual person. Instead, they are placed somewhere that many different people can see them or pick them up. This has both its advantages and disadvantages.


Flyers are advantageous because a single one will get in front of many people at once. Because more people see them, more people are informed about your school. Brochures are the same way. More people see them. Additionally, they can contain much more specific information on your school than a mailer can.


The disadvantages of both come from the fact that they have to be created to engage a wider group of people. You have little idea who will see a flyer or a brochure so you can’t tailor them to a specific demographic. Luckily, the advantages of using flyers and brochures as promotional products greatly outweigh the disadvantages, especially when you use them alongside direct mail.


Once again, the obvious choice for flyers and brochures for your Martial Arts school is Our experience and expertise allow us to create the most professional looking flyers and brochures possible. Our expert designers will hand-create unique and original artwork for you that ships in as little as 24 hours.


Business Cards


Business cards are surprisingly underused in today’s day and age. Many owners of Martial Arts schools pass them over when designing a marketing campaign.


Though business cards might seem outdated, they most assuredly are not. When designed by an expert printing company (hint, hint, The Printing Dojo), your business cards will accomplish several things at once.


First of all, they look professional. Handing out business cards when you meet new people will create a positive impression in their minds. It will make them more likely to attend your school or tell others about it. Simply put, business cards create an air of professionalism that no owner of a Martial Arts school should go without. Just because you don’t have a desk job, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your position with respect. If you don’t, why should anyone else?


At the same time as a business card makes you look professional, it will also set you apart from other Martial Arts schools. As mentioned above, few other owners likely have business cards of their own. When a potential student sees that you do, you just might stick in their head as the school they wish to attend. Anything you can do to stick in a potential customer’s head is a good thing.


Finally, a business card is incredibly helpful for networking. Direct mail and brochures/flyers are great for marketing but sometimes you are caught off guard in front of a potential student. By giving them a business card, you will increase the chances that they will look further into your Martial Arts school. Whether you’re at a party, at the bus stop, or even in line at the local coffee shop, you never know when you’re going to meet someone with an interest in Martial Arts training.


And guess where the best place to get business cards for your Martial Arts school is? That’s right – once again, it’s the world’s leader in creative marketing materials for Martial Arts Schools,


Invest in Martial Arts Promotional Products


If you own a Martial Arts school, then you better have a solid marketing campaign set up. Marketing is a surefire way to attract new students, retain current ones, and make more money in the long run.


Martial Arts are more popular now than ever before. There are more Martial Arts schools around than ever before. You have to do something to set your school apart from the rest. And that something is to market your service with the best promotional products available.


Invest in Martial Arts promotional products from The Printing Dojo for a head start on marketing.

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