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Promoting Your Martial Arts School During Easter Celebrations

Posted: March 12th, 2015


Promoting Your Martial Arts School During Easter Celebrations.

  • Locate the largest Easter Egg hunt in your community.  It is not uncommon for 2000-3000 children to gather in your city’s Easter Egg Hunt, contact your Local City or Community Center to find out info, or locate a Easter Egg Hunt in your area by clicking here ;
  • Offer to donate enough eggs to cover ⅓ of the children in attendance;
  • You can order your eggs from outlets like ; 1000 eggs cost $139 and come with a toy or candy, we recommend using toys as some places will be wary of accepting candy;
  • Insert your school’s offer in the eggs, such as 2 Free Weeks of Martial Arts;
  • If you are using a mobile text marketing campaign (as you should) include a line such as “text EGG to your [short code] to get a Free Uniform”;
  • Offer to co sponsor and promote the event using Printing Dojo Easter Ad Cards, and request to be allowed to have a table or booth at the event.  Display a Roll Up or Vinyl Banner with your school logo and offer, and have your promotional materials on a table.  Do not  forget to advertise your adult program, we suggest doing a 4×9 rack card with your Summer Program on one side, and your adult program on the other side.  3000 children = 3000-6000 parents.

Other Ways to extend your reach in your community during Easter:

  • Donate your stuffed eggs to local banks to give out at their drive-thru windows;
  • Reach out to local churches and donate eggs to their egg hunts;
  • Have a staff member or student dress in a Easter Bunny outfit and pay a visit to your local day cares, no need to ask prior permission, just show up and delight the kids, you will not be turned away!

Organizing your own Egg Hunt at your Dojo:

  • Ask parents to donate 5 eggs each to have a nice variety of prizes for the kids;
  • Encourage your students to bring friends and family members;
  • Take advantage of this event to promote your summer programs;

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If you have any questions regarding this or any other promotions, you can reach me directly at

Wishing you Success in this and all your other marketing efforts!

Robby Beard

Robby Beard

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