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Martial Arts Printing & Back To School Marketing

Posted: August 4th, 2014

Dear Printing Dojo Clients,

Mr. Robby Beard here. The back to school season marks the official start of our Martial Arts season. With that in mind, we want to ensure that our marketing strategy is already kicked into high gear when the season begins by flooding the market with our advertising products. You’ll want to concentrate on signing up new students, but you’ll also want to work on upgrading and updating existing members that you signed up last year so you can make sure that all of their contracts are renewed. It’s important that you have all your bases covered;

• Make sure you have on hand all the marketing materials you will need;
• Prepare to get the word out amongst your community and all of its schools.
• Plan events to allow your students to invite their friends to your schools.

Be patient as you do all of this. Remember: many of the relationships in your community take some time to build, especially getting permission to promote your events in schools; this might feel like it’s a tall order and you may find it tough to carry out from time to time, but it is worth it in the long run; the key is to not get frustrated and give up if you’re turned away the first time and be persistent with a plan in place.

Some Tips on Advertising Your Workshops by placing ad cards in local schools:

The process of getting print materials inside a school can be a challenge. We’ve found that your best bet to get schools to allow you to set up a table or booth on registration days is to create printed Ad Cards featuring attention-grabbing topics for workshops you’ll teach at your school.

These topics should relate to educational subjects such as:
•Bully Proof Seminars
•10 Ways to Show Your Teachers Respect
•3 Rules for Better Concentration
•Five Skills to Better Listening
•Stranger Danger

Introduce these workshops as a “Free Community Event” to which you want to offer free tickets. This is the ad card I’m currently using for my 6 USA KARATE schools in Memphis:

Never use terms like “Advertising” to the schools, and make sure that you and your staff look as professional as you can. Consider wearing a polo shirt with your logo embroided on it with “Community Education Partner” written underneath it.

During an average school registration day you’ll typically have around 50 to 200 signups, so it’a great promotion if you can pull it off. For a follow up, have a specific script in place to follow up with a phone call reminder to the parents. Ask them if the child will be bringing along friends so you can plan for enough pizza (you are ordering food for them, so they will mentally commit); mention an activity too and ask them to bring a camera (so they know to not just drop their kids off and will plan on being there to take photos); and mention last that you will run by them your martial arts program at end of workshop in case they might be interested in having the child join, this way parents can make a mental commitment to both attending and being pitched enrollment.

Below you will find some other products that we are currently offering on, remember:ALL OUR PRODUCTS are born out of necessity and tested in our 6 test schools; We know the products work because WE USE THEM!

That is why Printing Dojo is By the Martial Artist, For the Martial Artist.

Here are some must have products for this Back To School Season:

Printing Dojo Ad Cards:
The Martial Arts Industry most sought after Printing Product!

Ad cards are fundamental to create brand awareness in your community, advertise your programs and services, and bring in more students in your school. At any time in our communities we are circulating at least half a dozen different designs pushing different promotions. Back to School, Halloween, Valentines, these are great times to get the ad cards done because they produce immediate results; However I always get a kick out of the fact that we often get calls from special offers that appeared on ad cards we distributed 6 months ago!

Guys, the key is to always have materials out there promoting your schools. Ideally you want to generate leads and not even be sure where they came from! That is exactly what happens with my schools, we generate daily leads from our website, but the website traffic is not just generated by Google, but rather it starts with a flyer that gets picked up by a student or parent, gets brought home, makes the prospect look us up online, which generates the lead through our site. Make sure your website is a lead generator, and remember it all starts with ad cards and your print marketing!


Website Dojo: The Most Advanced Website System in the Martial Arts Industry

Our website system has been upgraded and now has even more lead capturing capabilies, with the most eye catching graphics that are truly unmatched. Check out the live Demo and Email Us or call us at 888-876-DOJO (3656) to find out how you can start the Back To School season with a professional lead capturing site for $250.

Only 5 Coaching spots available in the month of August!

I hope you are ready for the Back To School season, and that the tips I shared with you in this e-mail got your wheels spinning about steps to take in order to kickstart your marketing; Currently Back to School is the main event, but we are also coordinating a massive Teenage Ninja Turtle promotion with our local movie theatres, organizing “making friends” parties for our students to bring in their new school mates, and are having a huge Women Self Defense seminar this weekend that is sold out! I want to share with you my secrets and help you climb the success ladder.
Contact me directly for a free consultation, we are currently offering an introductory coaching month that is priced so low that you can’t afford to miss it.
Email Me at, and Happy Marketing!

Robby Beard
The DOJO Consultant
888-876-DOJO (3656)

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