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4 Ways to Use Plastic Membership Cards to Increase Revenue

Posted: April 30th, 2014

The benefits of practicing Martial Arts on a regular basis are numerous. Chief among them are learning discipline and self-defense while strengthening both your body and mind at the same time. Plus, Martial Arts are just plain old fun to learn.

These are only a few of the reasons why there has been such an explosion in interest in Martial Arts, among the young and old alike, as of late. And naturally this explosion in popularity has led to a rise in the number of Martial Arts schools and dojos currently offering classes.

This is both good news and bad news for owners of Martial Arts schools. On one hand, greater interest means a greater chance of increasing your revenue and watching your business grow. On the other hand, more competition from other schools means that you really have to set yourself apart to attract students.

One of the most effective ways to set your Martial Arts school apart from the rest is by using plastic membership cards. The best membership card programs, sometimes known as customer loyalty programs, accomplish several things at once. They benefit you and your business as well as your students.

Here are four of the absolute best ways to use plastic membership cards to expand your Martial Arts business and watch your monthly revenue grow!

1. Attract New Students

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing, for any business, is attracting new customers. Once you have an interested base group of students locked in, marketing is made much easier. But new Martial Arts schools won’t have many loyal students at first and already established Martial Arts schools want to see their student base grow even more.

Enter plastic membership cards. Your customer loyalty program should be focused on attracting new students to your business. How successful you are at this will depend on several factors.

  • Value of Program/Rewards – Martial Arts school memberships are most often used to give return students lower rates. A monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership usually requires a lump sum payment upfront but nets students a lower overall rate on admission throughout the course of their practice. Membership cards can also be used to give students lower rates on each visit, sometimes helping earn them rewards (such as a free lesson) the more they use their cards. The better value your membership card provides customers, the more effective your membership program will be.
  • Quality of Card – High-quality membership cards are used more often than low-quality cards. High-quality membership cards are attractive, vibrant, and durable. The point here is attracting new customers and to do that you need attractive promotional materials. Not some cheap looking junk. As always, is the obvious choice for the highest-quality plastic membership cards for Martial Arts schools.
  • Interpretation of Data – When you are investing your money in marketing your Martial Arts school, you want to be sure you get as much as possible from your efforts. Part of this is collecting, analyzing, and interpreting marketing data. By analyzing which customers signed up for your Martial Arts membership program and which most frequently use it, you can tailor future marketing efforts to target your most likely customer demographic.
  1. Retain Existing Students A Martial Arts plastic membership card will allow your dojo to better retain existing students. The same value of programs/rewards that entice new students to try your school will prompt old students to return.

A plastic membership card and membership program provides a practical reason for students to continue taking lessons at your Martial Arts school. It gives them a reason not to choose another school over yours. 

  1. Increase Student Satisfaction

 Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of membership cards for owners of Martial Arts school and dojos is that they allow you to build close, long-term relationships with students and increase their overall satisfaction with your service.

Think about it for a second – who doesn’t like great rates? By offering a membership program with excellent rates and value, you are making students happy. And happy students are much more likely to continue taking lessons from you than students that are disgruntled about your rates and services.

By increasing student satisfaction, you are also building relationships with students. The more time you spend with repeat students, the more likely they will come to see you as their sole Martial Arts instructor.

Furthermore, students that are highly pleased with your Martial Arts school become a special form of marketing in and of themselves. Those that are satisfied with your offerings are much more likely to tell friends and acquaintances good things about your Martial Arts business, hopefully driving even more traffic your way. Word of mouth advertising is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. It just takes some initial marketing – such as a membership program – to kickstart it and ignite a fire of referrals.

  1. Increase Student Spending
    Finding new students and retaining old students is only half of the battle. The most effective Martial Arts marketing programs also encourage students to spend more. There are many ways that plastic membership cards promote this. One is that the great rates offered through a membership program encourage students to take more lessons from you. Even if they are receiving each lesson at a slightly discounted rate, the additional lessons will add up to increased revenue, especially in the long term.

Launch a Creative and Polished Membership Program  As you can see, there are several benefits of using plastic membership cards for your Martial Arts school. They will drive traffic to your school by attracting new members, retaining current members, increasing member satisfaction, and increasing their overall spending. Naturally, all of these things benefit your business in one major way: they all greatly increase revenue.

But setting up a membership program is a waste of time if you don’t do it right. And as always, the obvious choice for Martial Arts printing is, the original provider of creative marketing materials for Martial Arts schools. The Printing Dojo gives you several different plastic membership cards to choose from and customize so that your membership marketing campaign gets off to a great start. Don’t waste your time – choose The Printing Dojo from the get-go, the number one source of Martial Arts marketing materials online.

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